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Ep 371: Sarah Pottharst Interview - Per Vigore

"I care about my work and who it impacts." - Sarah Pottharst

Sarah Pottharst - Founder/Designer, Per Vigore

The brand is called Per Vigore. The idea came out of the need for clothing that is insect-repellent but also wearable for normal "everyday" schedules. Since there is an immediate concern surrounding Zika (which currently has no cure) and its severe effects on pregnant women, the brand is launching its first line with styles that are fluid between a broad range of sizes and shapes. In this way, the designs are truly transitional.

The silhouettes are draped in such a way that they will continue to flatter the woman's body throughout various phases in life, thus providing an elegant fit for both expectant and non-expectant women alike. With this special tailoring, a garment can achieve a fuller lifecycle and positively prove its worth. With 100% cotton fabrications from Como and production based in Tuscany, the styles are perfectly crafted by the same expert hands that have also created clothing for the most highly regarded Italian designers of our time. The clothes are meant to provide dual aspects: protection and a classic tailored fit. These two aspects allow our customers to live a life of health, energy, vitality, and of course, confidence in style. These clothes are quite truly For Vigor of those who wear them.


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