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"If you want to build a great empire, you have to start with a solid foundation." - Sunny Durante

Sunny Durante - Founder of Epic Life

After tasting success young in multiple industries, Sunny took a bold step to trade in his "looks-good-on-paper-life" for one that brought him REAL joy and fulfillment. Now, he helps men in film and high-tech create more freedom and fulfillment, so they can wake up excited again, break through plateaus, and multiply their income + impact... on their terms. 

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"If it can be read by humans it should be able to interact with a bot." - Adrien Schmidt

Adrien Schmidt, CEO of Bouquet, is a successful entrepreneur, engineer and innovator. In 2004 he co-founded Squid Solutions, a software company based in Paris that provides usage analytics to publishers around the world. As Squid Solutions rapidly turned companies into data-driven enterprises, he went on to open offices for Squid Solutions in Beijing in 2006 and San Francisco in 2014. On a mission to become a market leader in a new generation of analytics tools, Adrien co-founded Bouquet in 2015, creating a product that brings a fulfilling experience of analytics to thousands of users in their daily jobs with chatbots powered by artificial intelligence.

Raised in both the U.S. and France, Adrien has dedicated his career to innovation and entrepreneurship on a global level. In 2013, Adrien served as Chairman of NUMA, France’s most recognized accelerator, supervising the transition from local non-profit to international accelerator, increasing its budget, facilities, and international presence. Additionally, Adrien served as the Vice President of JCI France, an economic empowerment program promoting the cooperation between French SMB’s and large companies in China. In 2010, he went on to serve as Treasurer and Board Member for Comité Richelieu, the leading French lobby for technology SMB’s.
Adrien speaks five languages, is a Huffington Post contributor and most recently a featured speaker at Plotcon and IoT World.


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