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Brandon Hull is a serial entrepreneur and host of the Freelance to Founder podcast. Brandon interviews prominent founders including Aweber founder Tom Kulzer, Chelsea Baldwin, Art of Charm host AJ Harbinger, and author Paul Jarvis, among others.

Freelance to Founder features enlightening & entertaining stories of high-profile entrepreneurs like Bell + Ivy founder Cynthia Johnson, SeanWes founder Sean McCabe, The Futur founder Chris Do, 'Click it up a Notch' founder Courtney Slazinik, ConvertKit founder Nathan Barry, among other guests building incredible businesses.

Season 6 will feature interviews from Tom Kulzer, the founder of massive email marketing software Aweber, co-founder of The Art of Charm, AJ Harbinger, and author and freelancing expert Paul Jarvis, among others.

The show has been endorsed by top podcasters including Mixergy founder Andrew Warner, Michael Sacca, Host of Rocketship.fm, and Nick Loper of The Side Hustle Show.

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