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Dr. jared Dupree holds an MBA and PhD, is the founder of 2 thriving businesses and works for Northcentral University. He has been teaching entrepreneurship for over a decade and shares his extensive research and experience in this interview with Melinda Yeaman. Dr. DuPree outlines 5 key phases of innovation and discusses what it takes to innovate with passion and to achieve success.

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Sean Prewitt, entrepreneur and founder of Registered Agent Solutions, Inc (RASI) shares his expertise from 13 years of success.

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Francis Pedraza, entrepreneur and founder of the Everest goal tracking app, discusses with Melinda how to handle uncertainty and ambiguity in the startup process. After 3 years in the tech startup space, Francis discusses his initial "youthful overconfidence" which, over time and through adversity, transformed into a perspective of learning. He makes the point that a good entrepreneur accepts ambiguity and thrives in spite of it.

As a former corporate executive and current entrepreneur, Nicia shares her experience with crowdfunding her product, Jakket, using Kickstarter. 

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Co-Hosts Mike Sheffield & Melinda Yeaman take a timeout to talk about the best goal setting techniques to help move you forward.

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Arturo Nava is the founder of Marketealo and an immigrant entrepreneur. He tells his story and gives valuable perspective to others who are pursuing their American Dream. 

Michael R. Drew has helped champion 79 consecutive Best Selling books with Promote a Book. Listen is as he teaches us about publishing a best seller, and how to succeed in entrepreneurship.

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Entrepreneur Rick Day relates how the knowledge he possesses now could have cut 17 years of building his business down to 5 years. His history starting, growing and selling businesses successfully affords him a fulfilling lifestyle and a burning desire to help others learn what he already knows. Engage with Rick to learn how to drastically decrease your learning curve.

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Owen Soba, a native New Yorker and entrepreneur, brings his passion and no nonsense approach to the table in this interview. In this interview with Melinda Yeaman, Owen addresses the challenge of dealing with excuses, a common struggle. Listen to Owen discuss common excuses and the mindset needed to eliminate them and take complete responsibility for your life and your business.

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