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Laura Cathcart Robbins is a freelance writer, podcast host and storyteller, living in Studio City, California with her son, Justin and her boyfriend, Scott Slaughter. She has been active for many years as a speaker and school trustee, and is credited for creating The Buckley School’s nationally recognized committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Laura's recent articles in the Huffington Post on the subjects of race, recovery and divorce have garnered her world-wide acclaim. She is a 2018 LA Moth StorySlam winner and host of the popular podcast, The Only One In The Room, which is available on all podcast platforms. Laura currently sits on the advisory board for the San Diego Writer’s Festival and is also a founding member of Moving Forewords, the first national memoirist collective of its kind.

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Eleanor is an independent podcast producer and radio journalist. She was captivated by the medium while working the 6AM shift at her college radio station. From there, she moved to New York, where she covered issues of climate justice and women’s empowerment for SiriusXM Radio.

She recently finished a project, interviewing hundreds of eclectic and colorful New Yorkers for an interactive audio-visual installation at the Brooklyn Museum by the photographer and street artist, JR. The exhibition, The Chronicles of New York City, is a giant mural of over one thousand New Yorkers that is accompanied by Eleanor’s audio recordings of each person’s story. Making these kinds of personal connections with a diversity of people and creating empathic spaces for them to tell their stories fuels her work.

Eleanor is delighted to be back home in the Rocky Mountains producing Gen Z Tea, a new podcast – by teens for teens – from Aspen Public Radio. Each episode, local teens talk with Instagram influencers, social justice activists, mental health app creators, and even politicians on the campaign trail to get the “hottest tea” on how their generation is using social media to change the world.

Her latest endeavor is Questions I’ve Never Asked, a mother-daughter podcast about the taboo conversations we rarely have with our parents, grandparents and elders. The story begins with her mother’s unorthodox childhood growing up on a vast cattle station alongside the Pitjantjatjara Aboriginal community in the remote Australian outback. As a young woman, Eleanor is determined to develop a new canon of work from the perspective of women from all walks of life.


With no exaggeration, Janie has lived a unique life. The daughter of an Australian film star and a rugged, pioneering cattleman, she was raised in Australia’s remote outback as the sister to three older brothers. Growing up, her primary playmates were the children of the Pitjantjatjara tribe, who lived on the vast-land with her family and whose ancient language she spoke fluently. She was destined for an unorthodox journey!

Janie won an Australian equestrian championship (beating a field of men decades older), trained international polo ponies, and eventually traded in her little egg-yellow car to buy a round-the-world airline ticket. As a just-arrived 20 year-old in New York City, she landed a job with Fashion Week icon Fern Mallis. Later, in Aspen, she worked with acclaimed National Geographic photographers and launched Photographers Aspen, their international photo agency. Along the way, she was a contributing force behind the Oscar-winning film, Born Into Brothels, among other global photo projects.

She has lived and raised her daughter here in Aspen alongside her husband, former Aspen mayor John Bennett. (And if you know Janie really, really well, she might give you a nip of her homemade gin or even someday take you mushrooming in the wild. ....But don't count on it!)

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With 25 years as a successful tech entrepreneur, with multiple IPOs and exits along the way, Byron Reese is uniquely suited to comment on the transformative effect of technology on the workplace and on society at large. He writes books that explore the wonders of the world of tomorrow and delights audiences around the world with his vivid and energetic presentations on the future of work and life.


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Amy Edwards is a musician, voice artist, radio talent (Austin 360 Radio) and podcast host. After years of recording, writing, honing her own brand, and learning the importance of overcoming fear, Amy is building her "Rock Your Life" brand with two new podcasts due in fall 2019 ("Rock Your Life" and "Go Aff Yourself", a series on affirmations). Amy's former podcast The Real Show (2015-2019) recently wrapped, and she has two books out in 2019. She's also a single mom to two girls and lives in Austin, Texas.

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James Garrett is a brainhacker and founder of Brain by Design. He’s spoken on stages ranging from Harvard to TEDx and his work has been featured by The New York Times, FastCompany, and Harvard Business Review. He spent years doing research with some of the best psychologists in the world at Columbia, Tufts, and Yale. He built one of the only brain-based positive psychology curricula in the Middle East and trained thousands of Arab youth in partnership with Queen Rania of Jordan. A rare combination of scientist, trainer, and entrepreneur, in 2019 James launched the Deep Change Project, a year-long personal journey to discover what’s possible at the outer edges of brainhacking and neuroplasticity.

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Joshua Jackson is the Chairman of Liquid Media Group. Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Liquid is an entertainment company with a strong portfolio of content IP across creative industries, from video games to film and
digital streaming services. Liquid is building the leading community for creative professionals,
empowering storytellers to develop, produce, and distribute across channels and platforms.

In April 2019, Liquid announced that it became the official operator of A+E Networks’ popular story-driven
Ancient Aliens: The Game , a free-to-play videogame across iOS, Google Play and Facebook platforms.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry as actor, director, and producer, Joshua
is best known for his headlining TV roles on Fringe (FOX; co-created by J.J. Abrams), Dawson’s Creek
(WB), and The Affair (Showtime).

In addition to his TV work, he has starred in over 30 films, including The Mighty Ducks series and the
Canadian drama One Week, for which he received a Genie Award (best actor).

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Presenting on Marketing and Business Growth

Masters in Secondary Education

Marketing Guru

Increased business turnover by 4 times in 1 year using social media

Organizes over 40+ instructors in US
Supporting growth

Distributor of professional products across the world

Founders | MyAbsoluteBeauty.com

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Cynthia Johnson is a global entrepreneur, marketing professional, author, and keynote speaker. She is Co-Founder at Bell +Ivy, a marketing and PR firm in Santa Monica, CA, and Las Vegas, NV. Previously, she was Partner & Director of Marketing for RankLab, a digital marketing agency listed in Inc. Magazine's Fastest Growing Private Companies in 2015. In July 2015 RankLab was acquired by American Addiction Centers. She is an Advisory Board member for The Millennium Alliance, a leading technology, business, and educational advisory firm serving Fortune 1000 C-Level executives.

Cynthia has been a keynote speaker for companies and events such as Alibaba Group in China, World Government Summit in Dubai, Global Ventures Summit in Indonesia and Mexico, and Web Summit in Lisbon, among others. She has been involved in influencer and marketing campaigns for PayPal, HereMedia, Chevy’s, PETA, and several other leading brands. Cynthia was listed as top personal branding experts in 2017by Entrepreneur, top 50 marketers on SnapChat by Mashable, top 12 Female Entrepreneurs that Inspire by Darling Magazine, and top 20 people in SEO by Guardian. She is a contributing columnist to Entrepreneur, and has had work published in Forbes, TIME, and several other industry-specific and top-tier publications. Her first book Platform will be published in February 2019 with Penguin Random House.

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Brandon Hull is a serial entrepreneur and host of the Freelance to Founder podcast. Brandon interviews prominent founders including Aweber founder Tom Kulzer, Chelsea Baldwin, Art of Charm host AJ Harbinger, and author Paul Jarvis, among others.

Freelance to Founder features enlightening & entertaining stories of high-profile entrepreneurs like Bell + Ivy founder Cynthia Johnson, SeanWes founder Sean McCabe, The Futur founder Chris Do, 'Click it up a Notch' founder Courtney Slazinik, ConvertKit founder Nathan Barry, among other guests building incredible businesses.

Season 6 will feature interviews from Tom Kulzer, the founder of massive email marketing software Aweber, co-founder of The Art of Charm, AJ Harbinger, and author and freelancing expert Paul Jarvis, among others.

The show has been endorsed by top podcasters including Mixergy founder Andrew Warner, Michael Sacca, Host of Rocketship.fm, and Nick Loper of The Side Hustle Show.

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Imogen Lehtonen: London-born, New Zealand-raised, California-based silversmith for The Great Frog.

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Marc Groman (co-host) is an internationally recognized expert in privacy, technology, and cyber security. His past roles include Senior Advisor for Privacy in the Obama White House, Chief Privacy Officer of the Federal Trade Commission, and President and CEO of the Network Advertising Initiative. His vision and innovative approaches to tackling privacy and tech issues during the Obama Administration earned him the International Association of Privacy Professionals’ 2017 Leadership Award.

Marc does not shy away from controversy, having spent countless hours debating high profile and high-stakes issues around conference tables in the Pentagon, West Wing and White House Situation Room. But if you ask Marc, the most challenging privacy and security debates take place at his kitchen table, discussing screen time, inappropriate content, and gaming with his teenage son. Marc notes that members of the President’s Cabinet rarely argued, “But all the other Department Heads get to do it” or “That’s not fair!” When not consulting, serving on various boards, or teaching at Georgetown Law School, you’ll often find Marc explaining Snapchat, YouTube, smartphone privacy settings, and Fortnite to other dazed and confused parents.

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Lucy is a producer, writer, and activist currently residing in East LA. For the past four years she has volunteered inside and outside of the prison system on behalf of an organization called PREP, Partnership for Reentry Program, located in South LA. Her work inside of prison includes co-facilitating a parole preparation workshop called "Insight" which is an active program in over 20 California institutions. Shortly after attending a Transom Traveling Workshop last summer Lucy began "Life on the Outside," a monthly podcast about returning to society after decades of incarceration.

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