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Deldelp Medina, founder and CEO of a Latina focused accelerator, discusses how non-techie individuals can integrate intro tech geared business.

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As an entrepreneur and founder of Providence Holdings, Inc and HuddleWoo, Will Zell illustrates the importance of developing relationships. He outlines key behaviors and action steps to creating strategic opportunities which will make or break your startup. Will shares his life changing experience of speaking at the White House as an honored member of the Empact100 list. He explains how he got there and just how pivotal quality relationships were to getting him there.

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Ray Buttars shares the story of his transition from a successful banker to an author, speaker and coach who helps incorporate the 4 keys into the lives of people who are looking for true fulfillment. These keys are outlined in Ray’s upcoming book Permission to Live.

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In celebration of our 100th episode, we at Outlier reach out to keep you informed and to connect with you further. Melinda Yeaman introduces the Outlier founding team, gives a recap of the highlights of our first 9 months in business, and gives you a peek at some exciting upcoming plans for our entrepreneurs.

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Outlier visits coworking space, Work in Progress in downtown Las Vegas. COO Josh Bowden sits down with Melinda Yeaman and discusses the beginning, growth and now established breeding ground for innovative startups.

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As the founder ofCrowd Siren, Lauralie Lee Ezra has a team and a full suite of branding clients. In this interview with Melinda Yeaman, she talks about how Crowd Siren came to be and what the early, less stable days were like. She shares lessons learned as well as great tips to remember when founding and growing a grass roots company.

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Dominique Piotet is the Owner and Chief Rebel at Rebellion Lab, a digital strategy consulting company. Dominique gives us a behind the scenes look at his team and the services his business offers.

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JobHive is a tech startup based in downtown Las Vegas inside the Work in Progress co-working space. Co-founders Jared Fuller and Brian Beckman welcomed us in for an impromptu interview. They gathered the whole team and explained the innovative ways they are changing up the job search process to be much more effective and forward thinking. The fire and passion they had for this vision was bursting out of them. This is the energy that we love to experience from startups.



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