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290: Thomas Dyches Interview - Bi-Polar Discorder & Entrepreneurship

“Adapt or die!” - Thomas Dyches

Thomas Dyches - Co-Founder & CMO of Generation Labs

An accomplished artist as a child, Thomas has always had a talent for producing designs that offer a unique perspective. He is the consummate creative, an idea guy, who goes by the moniker “The Firestarter.”

In 1998, Thomas earned his degree in Multimedia & Graphic Design. He designed his first website that year and has been designing sites ever since. Throughout his career he has developed expertise in numerous fields. He strives to marry the artistic side of his brain with his other love—marketing—specifically for SEO and Social Media. Recently, he managed the social campaign of the nation’s largest animal-control network.

Thomas is constantly learning new technologies. “Adapt or die!” he says.

Most of his career has been spent as an entrepreneur but he served for a time as a production manager for Quebecor World Inc. which is the largest tabloid printer in Canada.

He has been the head of design and marketing on a wide range of projects for clients ranging from a world-class ski resort, a U.S. Congressman, and sales campaigns throughout the Intermountain West for store chains such as Staples, Office Depot, and Albertsons.

Thomas oversaw the development of email marketing software which has been used to send over a million emails.

When he’s not at “the Lab” creating design+marketing awesomeness, he devotes his time to his 3 genius kids and 1 perfect wife. You can always find him running (meditating) on the beautiful, red rock trails of Southern Utah or canyoneering the slot canyons of magnificent Zion National Park. He has competed in two Ironman competitions and is an evangelist of healthy lifestyles.

In 2016, Thomas will receive his second degree from WGU in Marketing Management.

Thomas has been diagnosed with Bi-Polar Disorder. This creates specific challenges for him but also makes him a better entrepreneur.


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