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Ep 358: Tyler Richards Interview - King of the DevMountian

"We are training the new wave of developers and entrepreneurs, and we’ve made incredible progress in contributing to the Utah tech scene." - Tyler Richards

Tyler Richards - Co Founder, VP at DevMountain

As an entrepreneur, Tyler has had his hand in the tech world since college. Tyler naturally gravitated to the tech industry through his love of code and front-end development. He successfully sold a previous dating/matchmaking startup to a Microsoft-backed company in the summer of 2013. Tyler has created products and companies that help better the industry that they pertain to, and he has brought that expertise to DevMountain.

Tyler Richards is co-founder of DevMountain, an industry-leading code school nestled in the heart of the Intermountain West. Founded by fellow coders, Tyler and his team love sharing their craft to empower the next wave of programmers and entrepreneurs. Now with 60 employees and over 400 graduates from the program, Tyler leads business and marketing efforts at DevMountain.

Originally from Seattle WA, Tyler moved to Provo, UT to attend BYU, where he majored in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. Tyler was recently named to Peak Venture’s “The Peak 100” listing their top entrepreneurs in Utah and surrounding areas.


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