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Ep 361: Mahesh Ramasubramanian Interview - Bringing Virtual Communications to Life

"We want to bring virtual communication to life." - Mahesh Ramasubramanian

Mahesh Ramasubramanian - Co-founder & CEO of LoomAi

Mahesh has more than 15 years of experience leading visual effects and technology teams in crafting some of the top films of all time, including the Shrek and Madagascar franchises at DreamWorks Animation. Now at LoomAi, he wants to create 3D avatars of every consumer to bring visual identity back into virtual conversations in chat and VR. He holds a Masters in Computer Graphics from Cornell and an MBA from UCLA-Anderson.



Loom.ai: automated expressive 3D avatars from a single photograph





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About LoomAi:

Expressive 3D Avatars from Photographs

Loom.ai enables a new era of virtual communication by automatically converting selfies into expressive 3D avatars. The core technology leverages Loom.ai’s deep expertise in computer vision and machine learning combined with VFX magic to create life-like human face visualizations. The animatable and expressive faces can be used to power applications in VR, gaming, messaging, e-commerce and virtual classrooms for individuals and businesses around the world.

Connect with Mahesh:

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